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Love police boat chase games? Play one of the latest police boat racing chase games having an added flavor of police shooting. Totally unique police chase games with speed boat games where you need to catch robbers and criminals in sea. Drive a navy police speed boat to get in the way of robbers and relive the fury of jet boat games. Now get a chance to become city police hero driving the best police boat simulator offered here. New way of police chase makes it one of the extreme addition to power boat racing 3D games. Download POLICE BOAT CHASE 2016 the top speed boat games to play.

• An absolute fun for the lovers of speed boat games with many levels.
• Extreme gameplay with elite shooting.
• Realistic 3D environment and fun for every-one.
• Amazing police boat and police hero to control.
So get ready for thrilling police boat chase game which has counter shooting and chasing just like you see in police real chase. Don't forget to show your extra ordinary boat driving skills. Play POLICE BOAT CHASE 2016 in crime city. Have fun with power jet speed boats.

Published Sep 07, 2016
Tags2016, 3D, boat, chase, criminals, police, ultimate


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