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Welcome to the largest Jurassic safari island in the world. Drive or Sail your ship and transport Dinosaurs in this with Dinosaur Transporter 2017 with truck and ship transport simulation. In Transport truck games, all you have to do here is transport dinosaurs on transporter ship and dino transport truck from one point to the other without making them fall down. In this game you have to bring back all the deadly animals back to the Zoo. Many dinosaurs have Escape from the zoo and your duty is to take them back as dinosaur transporter truck driver and dinosaur ship transport driver with Dinosaur Transporter: Truck & Ship Simulator.

Game-Play of Dinosaur Transporter 2017:

Make possible Jurassic cargo of all kind of huge beasts like Spinosaurus, Allosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptors, and tyrannosaur T-REX. Drive and transport zoo dinosaurs on your 18 wheeler jumbo cargo truck. In other mode with ship driving simulator 2017, you have to load and transport wild dinosaur from island to the zoo on transporter ship. Dual mode is specially made for the lovers of dinosaur transport games. In dino transport truck it’s a real adventure while transporting an angry dino to the Jurassic zoo and picking them up from island. Take them from wild beast territory with jurassic transport.

Time to start this ultimate adventure and real thrilling action while playing the real dinosaur transport truck simulator game. In Dino truck transport you will face deadly dinosaurs attack. Be a real safari and island dino transporter and transport these wild beasts by using the best truck parking, truck driving and ship driving skills.

Features of Angry Dinosaur Zoo Transporter Truck:

✪ Real 3D Safari jungle & Island environments.
✪ Dual Mode gameplay with dino transport ship simulator & dinosaur truck transport.
✪ Avoid crashes, hurdles and evade wild dinosaur attack.
✪ Many different types of dinosaurs to transport.
✪ Smooth & vibrant gameplay with HD graphics.

It’s time to experience the most realistic truck driving and cargo ship simulation. Take care while riding the hilly truck on the safari hills impossible tracks and be wild dino transport driver and sailor. Download now Dinosaur Transporter: Truck & Ship Simulator and play most realistic truck simulation game with the touch of ship driving games 3d 2017.

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