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Drive a gigantic army truck and be an army truck driver for ultimate army cargo truck transport game 3d in army transport games. With this truck driving simulator become a brave and daring army truck driver in vibrant army truck driving games and army transport games with cargo truck addition. You will surely enjoy this super exciting army truck driving games with army cargo truck transport and also play as cargo transport games player who is having the idea of cargo transportation with an immense army truck. As an ultimate army truck driver games 3d you have to be an energetic army truck driver in latest army transport games with the twist of army cargo truck transport games. Enjoy army transport games fun in an amazing truck driving game simulator that requires maximum accuracy like a professional army truck driver. Get ready to become an advanced army truck driver with our brand new ARMY TRANSPORT TRUCK DRIVER 3D!


Play 12 levels in realistic 3d OFFROAD environments with HD graphics in the perfect cargo transport games with the blend of army transport games. In this army truck driving game simulator 3d as an army transport truck driver you have to transport army jeeps, helicopters, weapons, MPV'S and tanks to the army bases in 3 different offroad scenarios like Jungle, snow and hilly area. Then drive the big army truck carefully and take it towards the army base camp. The truck driver has to clear all security check posts to reach the army base then park and unload your army cargo truck carefully. All you have to do is to drive army transport truck safely from the army base to the camp. Make sure to fulfill your duty and transport these military equipment and vehicles to the marked destination within given time.


- 12 extreme challenging missions and level based progression.
- Military transport Game with realistic army truck driving.
- Modern army truck for driving through military camps.
- 3 offroad scenarios with detailed army truck driving games simulator 3d.

It's time to get the real military transport truck experience in one of the classic army transport games. You have to drive carefully massive military truck with high precision in the newest blend of army transport games and army truck driving games. If you love army cargo truck transport games then download latest new ARMY TRANSPORT TRUCK DRIVER 3D and become the brave and thrilling army truck driver for ultimate cargo and transportation.

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