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Let's play as a sniper hunter in angry shark games 2016 with the twist of shark hunting games. You have to kill all hungry & angry sharks and save citizens lives in massive sea environment with free shark hunting games. Become an ultimate shark hunter and kill all dangerous sharks & save humans and Jet Ski riders with this angry shark games 2016 with the super-hot blend of shark hunter games. In this ultimate survival mission shoot the crazy sharks and clear the sea for people whose are frightened and become a best sniper and shark hunter of 2016 in free shark hunting games. Angry shark games 2016 were never been so thrilling. With hunting games for free and hunting games 2016 you will feel realistic sea adventure with epic shark hunting with modern short guns. Are you ready to become a daring shark hunter with 10 thrill missions to save innocent people attacked by angry sharks in amazing 3d sea environment? So get ready for this ultimate adventure of newest hunting games 2016 and shark hunting games with our ANGRY SHARK HUNTING 2016!

GAME-PLAY of Angry Shark Hunting 2016:

In this angry shark games 2016 with the blend of shark games 3d you have to hunt big sharks with your sniper guns and save the people's lives. Multiple weapons (guns) are available to choose like Beretta, 9MM, Ak-47 rifle and MP5. Killer hungry and angry shark will kill you with its razor sharp jaws, so get ready to become a sniper shooter and free shark hunting games player. Experience amazing underwater effects by hunting sharks and become a shark hunter. With your sniper gun just take a close look at the sharks, and then aim them, before pulling the trigger and shooting them down and get the real time epic shark hunting experience.

- Ultimate shooting experience with smooth and easy controls.
- 10 missions to become extreme shark hunter.
- Multiple Guns available for shark hunting like Beretta, 9MM, Ak-47 rifle and MP5.
- Realistic angry shark games 2016 animations.
- Unique shooting and shark hunting experience.

As an ultimate shark hunter go and grab your rifle and take the sniping challenge with this action packed hungry and angry shark game with newest hunting games for free. Download ANGRY SHARK HUNTING 2016 and become a ruthless shark hunter.

Published Sep 29, 2016
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